I am Shel and I am not over the 90’s… or the 80’s. Here’s what i’ve been re-watching lately. (…)

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    • Dr. hollywood
      Cocky young doctor Ben Stone (Michael J. Fox) is off on a road trip to California in pursuit of a relaxed and high-paying career as a plastic surgeon to the rich and famous. But before he can pass the Mississippi River, he crashes his car on a small-town judge’s property in South Carolina and incurs a community service fine, to be served out at the local hospital assisting the aged town doctor.
    • Cool Runnings
      Cool Runnings is a feel-extremely-good 1993 movie featuring one of my favorite people who ever lived on this planet and who I talk about constantly, John Candy. I don’t actually remember watching this movie as a kid, which is probably inaccurate, considering my mom has made me watch every possible existing movie ever released when […]
    • The Secret of my success
      “The secret of my success” is a 1987 movie I could easily watch on repeat. I don’t know Michael J. Fox personally (well, it kinda goes without saying, but MAYBE I had to specify this…) but, in my head, the type of character he plays in this movie is extremely close to what he is […]
    • Greedy
      Greedy is a 1994 feel-good movie starring everyone’s eternal crush, Michael J. Fox 😍. It’s a comedy about an old rich man who finds himself surrounded by toxic family members who want nothing from him but his money. I hadn’t watch this is in over 20 years, I think. So, it basically felt like I […]
    • Bird on a Wire
      Today, I am watching “Bird on a wire” with my dad. He said “I think I remember this movie. We watched it a long time ago… probably 10 years”. So, I broke the sad news to him “It was 30 years ago, dad”. “Boy, did life go by fast…” – he replied. But as we […]
    • Ellen
      I have one faded, vague memory of watching “Ellen” in 1994. I noticed the show on Disney+ and instantly wanted to watch it again. As an adult, and knowing Ellen’s story, it is seriously PAINFUL to watch her in the sitcom so completely out of her element, specially during the first season. Still, I am […]
    • John Candy
      On March 4, 1994 we lost John Candy. It was way too soon and I am still not completely over it. Still, I have been able to watch his movies, repeatedly, because he is one of my main sources of comfort. When I was young, my mom would rent “The Great Outdoors” VHS repeatedly. So […]
    • Brian Krakow’s 1994 room
      Nothing says 1994 better than Brian Krakow’s room in “My so-called life”. I enjoy playing attention to the -endless- elements and recognizing things from my teenage years. So, I put together an image of Brian’s room using a few screen captures: My favorite element of this room has to be the curtains 😍! Clearly, that […]
    • Bette Midler is medicine
      Today, I watched: “The first wives club” Some days are hard and exhausting so you just need to allow Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton rock your evening again, no matter how many times you’ve watched The First Wives Club before. Oh yeah, not to mention, this little lady: Aren’t they lovely? Please, waste […]

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