Brian Krakow’s 1994 room

Nothing says 1994 better than Brian Krakow’s room in “My so-called life”. I enjoy playing attention to the -endless- elements and recognizing things from my teenage years.

So, I put together an image of Brian’s room using a few screen captures:

Brian Krakow’s room in “My so-called life” – 1994

My favorite element of this room has to be the curtains 😍!

Clearly, that wasn’t enough for me, so, I went through the episodes again and tried to draw the whole floor plan of the house…

Floor plans for the set of “My so-called life” – Chase’s House – 1994

I think I drew this nearly 4 years ago and I am still missing bits and pieces.

So, what happens is: The pilot was shot in an actual house but the rest of the show was shot in a set (please, correct me if I’m wrong), which is why I can’t get the second floor to actually match the first… but I love it and even Wilson Cruz (Ricky) commented on it on twitter! It made my day!

My so-called life is my favorite show -hands down- I am completely obsessed with it (to embarrassing levels) and I will be posting about it repeatedly! You know… just a heads up!

See you tomorrow,


Any thoughts?

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