John Candy

On March 4, 1994 we lost John Candy. It was way too soon and I am still not completely over it. Still, I have been able to watch his movies, repeatedly, because he is one of my main sources of comfort.

John Candy and Karen Austin in “Summer Rental” – 1985 movie

When I was young, my mom would rent “The Great Outdoors” VHS repeatedly. So much so that after a 20-something years gap, I still remembered the lines.

John Candy in “The Great Outdoors” – 1988 movie.

I could never explain this feeling and I thought I was kind of special, but it turns out, it’s a pretty general mood:

“[Watching Nostalgic Stuff] gives you energy to cope with what is going on now and move forward.” according to the experts from this article.

Well, I guess that explains a lot.

While searching for my long lost mental health in the middle of this endless pandemic, here are the John Candy movies I watched this week:

Yes, I actually do feel a little better. So, it works!

Fun fac: Macaulay Culkin, was able to interview Candy’s daughter on his podcast here. And that’s how I know Candy was the best.

Where to watch? AmazonPrime.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Any thoughts?

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