I have one faded, vague memory of watching “Ellen” in 1994.

I noticed the show on Disney+ and instantly wanted to watch it again. As an adult, and knowing Ellen’s story, it is seriously PAINFUL to watch her in the sitcom so completely out of her element, specially during the first season.

Still, I am completely drawn to it because it portraits a reality I used to know.

Here’s a list of things I love and that this show has:

♡ People reading printed newspaper.

♡ People not holding their phones.

♡ Couches with flower patterns.

♡ Land Phones

♡ Houses not decorated in minimalistic style or shades of gray.

So, I concentrate on that list and on the fact that, by season 4, Ellen – the character- will come out of the closet and Ellen – the person – turned out just fine in real life. And I am able to enjoy this 1994 sitcom again.

Where to watch? Disney+

Take care!


Any thoughts?

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