Greedy is a 1994 feel-good movie starring everyone’s eternal crush, Michael J. Fox 😍. It’s a comedy about an old rich man who finds himself surrounded by toxic family members who want nothing from him but his money.

I hadn’t watch this is in over 20 years, I think. So, it basically felt like I was watching a new movie… one that felt extremely predictable.

I don’t think this would be one of my top 3 Michael J. Fox’s movies but it sure sets a mood! It is not a movie that will make you feel tense, sad or too emotional, so, it’s perfect for these late pandemic days where every aspect of life seems to be just one inch out of our control.

I also love the fact that Kirk Douglas (Uncle Joe) lived to be 104. I think that’s a very comforting piece of information and he was an amazing actor. I am sorry if my crush on MJF keeps me from applauding all the other amazing actors on this movie.

Parent note: You can mostly watch this movie with kids in the room. However there is some brief nudity (not frontal, of course!!!) in one scene. If you are a parent, you’ll appreciate this note. If you are not, you’ll think it’s silly. Until you don’t!

Where to Watch? Buy or rent on Youtube.

See you next time!

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