The Secret of my success

“The secret of my success” is a 1987 movie I could easily watch on repeat. I don’t know Michael J. Fox personally (well, it kinda goes without saying, but MAYBE I had to specify this…) but, in my head, the type of character he plays in this movie is extremely close to what he is like in real life, you know? Wicket smart, confident and basically just plain cool. So, so many things I will never be.

The Secret of My Success – 1987

Oh well, interestingly enough – to me – a couple of my favorite actors Topher Grace and Justin Long actually have mentioned in interviews how much their style is based on Michael J. Fox. After learning that, I started seeing it everywhere, but specially on this movie, during the first scenes I get serious Topher Grace vibes, which is completely irrelevant, but I find it really cool to observe.

Would this movie suffer serious trimming, had it been released these days? Well, probably. But I love this mood!

Google Sinopsis:

Recent college graduate Brantley Foster (Michael J. Fox) travels from his home in Kansas to New York City to pursue a new finance job. However, when Brantley arrives, he learns that his position has been eliminated, and he’s forced to take a job working for his inept Uncle Howard (Richard Jordan), who became a company president through marriage. Brantley starts as a mere mailroom worker, but quickly climbs the corporate ladder when he begins posing as an executive.

Where to watch?

Amazon Prime

Any thoughts?

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